Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lest We Drown in Longing...

Too many years of longing run deep
Jagged scar-craters zig-zag and weep
Hope dangles; a jaded wraith
Mocking words like love and faith

Beauty-curves strain; rigid and bare
Bent ‘neath chains of bitter despair
Beckoning failure strangles the spark
In eyes downcast now, weary and dark

The breadth of dreams has run its course
As longing streams; a futile force
Silent sorrow seals the part
Where once hope’s morrow warmed the heart

Longing seeks her famished prey
Talons curl and clench the day
Silent anguish fills the air
Torment turns into a prayer

…and prayer turns bitterness to grief
It offers hope to unbelief
It fills longing’s elusive space
With whispered vows of love and grace

Too many years of longing cut deep
But we pray the Lord our faith to keep
And His hope remains; a Beacon pure
As He sustains we shall endure

© Janet Martin

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