Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jubilant Jading

It’s summer-soft; the subtle jading
Like the stealthy brush of age
As we behold the purples fading
From the crest of strife and sage
And the tides of rushing emerald
Ravishing the breadth of June
Have slowed to golden-umber
Like warm honey from a spoon

Now the breezes pause to tickle
Milk-weed plume and golden-rod
Now the brook is but a trickle
Where the fern and wild-bloom nod
Now the girl becomes a woman
Now the rebel sees the truth
It evades the might of human
To dissuade the thief of youth

How this season bends with beauty
Spring is but the bud of prime
As the fruit of love and duty
Yields a goodly harvest-time
Now the earth-scape is an orchard
And the orchard but the scrim
That veils the resting-place of seasons
Leading ever up to Him

© Janet Martin

I was out just now to drive my daughter to a birthday party....the day and the landscape felt like warm honey...golden and sweet. I hope you have a happy August day!

Thank-you td:)


  1. You captured it perfectly - "golden-umber Like warm honey from a spoon".

    I was having similar thoughts here observing the golden tans of grass.

    Love the four closing lines.

  2. On my wish-list is a visit to Europe. We have some people from our church who moved to Spain. Their pics are so beautiful!

    Thank-you for reding, TUG.


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