Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Pray

When my heart is heavy as I plead for the lost
Indifferent or ignorant of denial’s great cost
When unfathomed reaches of eternity weigh
Against love’s gripping sorrow
I pray
And I pray
Oh, God let your grace remain yet one more day

When guilty fear seeks to persuade me of lies
Insisting that His blood cannot pay sin’s full price
When doubt and oppression in dark oceans sway
I cry out to His Spirit as
I pray
And I pray
Oh God let Your grace carry me all the way

When I seem too small for the load I must bear
As I stumble and fall beneath love’s weight of care
When hope, help and Heaven seem far, far away
From earth’s vale of living
I pray
And I pray
Oh God, for Your grace is sufficient each day

© Janet Martin


  1. Every day now, whether I'm sitting at a red light, standing in the grocery line, or sitting and cheering on some performer, I'm praying a similar prayer, "Oh, God let your grace remain yet one more day."

  2. Oh Brenda, me too! So many are entirely unaware of the balance in which we stand; Time versus eternity, Heaven or hell, yes or no...


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