Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gentle Dancer

His approach is soft and tender
She succumbs without a fight
Her warm gold-flecked gaze surrenders
To the deep blue eyes of night

There is comfort in his bearing
And a coolness in his stride
As he steps across the clearing
In the burnished eventide

He does not dictate her answer
She is drawn to his caress
As the night, a gentle dancer
Wraps the day in tenderness

© Janet Martin



  1. Yuriy: What a tuneful line in "in this burnished eventide"! Absolutely marvelous poetry of flight./i

  2. It was just like that last night... blue stole over gold like a gentle dancer.

    Thank-you for your poetic comments~
    I'm hoping to get some reading-time tonight; cross my fingers:)

  3. What lovely days and nights that went flowing - one into the other - with easy grace of the flow of your poem ! Enjoyed it ... simply loved the easy rhyme and meter-as in many other of your poems ..:)


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