Friday, August 3, 2012

Easy to Love

It is not hard to love you
Philanderer of sunflowers and such
You seduce me with oceans of purple
As fields bloom beneath your touch
Your sapphire eyes, how they tease me
With butterfly-kisses you flirt
Running your fingers across my midday
And writing our names in the dirt

It is not heard to love you
Successor to esteemed July
Your arms spill with Wildflower Rivers
Earth’s heaven extends to the sky
You tug at my hands bound to duty
Insisting I pause recklessly
To lie with you on a hot afternoon
Under the willow tree

It is not hard to love you
I follow your passionate plea
Too soon the flask of chill Autumn
Will pour your demise on earth’s lea
It is not hard to love you
I relinquish yesterday’s tear
For joy has returned in the morning
It is easy to love you, August dear

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautifully personified! A gorgeous write...and I hope you are feeling better!

  2. One of my favorite! I have many, lol
    I love "your sapphire eyes" and
    "You seduce me with oceans of purple"
    Oh, I love the whole many wonderful lines!
    Janet I have to read it again :D


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