Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hail the glad dawn and adore its Creator
Light of the morning caresses the sod
Over a planet of August-gold tempest
Glimmers the gossamer scepter of God

From the bronze fret-work of corn-field and stubble
From earth’s wee porch to vast windows of hope
We lift our gaze above life’s toil and trouble
As we list to the wakening of breeze-calliope

Over the earth in a molten-fire river
Flows the glad morning rekindling the day
From the kind, out-stretched Hand of Life’s Giver
Night’s purple slumber is slipping away

Oh hail the glad dawn, for its awesome Creator
Does not leave us helpless in our greatest need
Surely His goodness and mercy will succor
He does not give to sustain our greed

See how the darkness has waned from night’s portal
See how the Light over-powers its girth
His grace sufficient for every mortal
Pouring in radiance over the earth

God, on this day let us never disdain You
By fretting or pining over what is not
Nor let us bear our moments without You
But give You the glory for all You allot

© Janet Martin

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