Friday, August 24, 2012

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

They smooth away the furrow on the brow
With carefree chatter as they dream and smile
There’s something ‘bout a little girl or boy
That makes the journey here worth every mile

Unburdened by the weight of things unseen
Untroubled by worry and its great waste
Undaunted, they splash in life’s moment-stream
Unaware of its relentless haste

There’s something ‘bout a little boy or girl
And as their laughter drifts upon the hours
An elixir of divine wonderment
Fills the air with butterflies and flowers

We cannot enter into Heaven’s joy
‘A little child shall lead them’ Jesus, please
Teach to trust you as a little girl or boy

© Janet Martin

She has no idea how often she teaches me...
I'm sure God smiles, as we hold a new baby
wondering how we are going to teach them...

It felt  like a literal 'miles of dishes' last night
and nobody home but Victoria, who never uttered one
word of complaint, but simply 'did what needed to be done'
Suddenly I was not quite so weary anymore



  1. Another beauty :-) and such an industrious one, too! I LOVED the pictures.
    I wish I could believe like a child..

  2. Thank-you always for your words and visit, Sasha...industrious is the perfect word for her! Right now she is perched on the edge of a chair sitting on one foot coloring, her hair haphazardly caught up in a clip as her imagination unfolds beneath her marker.

  3. ...oh, and yes me too! I am ashamed of my faith or lack thereof, too many times.

    Yesterday someone called to offer my daughter a job interview and when my daughter told me about it I suddenly had tears streaming down my face...Mom? she asked, are you okay? I assured her that I was but then told her I am so ashamed because I was praying about it less than an hour before with a very faithless attitude.

    It assures me to keep praying for those answers which, for now are 'wait':)

  4. I would oay to know what Victoria was thinking...her look seems a million miles away....


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