Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Why do we hurry so through life?
Soldiers of its woe and strife
Rushing here and everywhere
Never with an hour to spare
How I wish for just one day
To stroll through fields of fresh-mown hay
To spend its fortune ‘neath the sun
Without the thought of things undone
Elusive gift; an idle hour
To stop awhile and smell the flower
‘Ere it bends its lovely head
And all its fragrant tears are shed
I wish to take your hand in mine
Where blossoms whisper on a vine
And we would have no care at all
But just to watch the petals fall
As daylight melts into deep blue
Stealing the sun-kissed avenue
Where music of a wanton breeze
Drips from honey-suckle leaves
And still unhurried we remain
For life is not a ball and chain…


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