Friday, May 20, 2011

Wedding Poem

How can we know how long is the road
Or its twisting and its winding
We stand here today and vow for aye
A promise pure and binding
Upon this earth, for better or worse
Let nothing tear asunder
May God’s will be done as two become one
A thing of heavenly wonder

In sickness and health, in poverty or wealth
In fair or stormy weather
In high tide or low, through-out life’s ebb and flow
May we be stronger together
As we share smiles and tears and as miles become years
May our love and respect never wane
But each to the other be faithful forever
And unto each other remain

May God above with His perfect love
Be our eternal Guide
May He enfold us, keep and hold us
Ever side by side
Husband and wife for the rest of this life
Oh, may it simply be
A foretaste of the love that waits up above
In Heaven’s eternity

Janet Martin~


  1. wonderful!

    has anyone used this in their wedding?

    I surely would

    thank you so much for sharing. It's always a pleasure to read your works

  2. I don't believe anyone has...I wrote it this morning:) I have had some people looking for Wedding Poems and I know there are a few in the archives, but I was too lazy to hunt for them:)I will when I am free. Today I baby-sit.
    Thank-you for your very kind words, Hope. You are such an encourager! Is it wet where you are? Today we finally have some sporadic sunshine!

  3. it is very dry here. We had a small rain shower yesterday. There is a fire ban for the whole province of Alberta.

    hope you are keeping well
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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