Friday, May 27, 2011


Little pieces of you touch me
Soft whispers laughing in my ear
Geography tells me you’re gone
But you’re still near

I touch you in a thousand moments
It’s the way of love, I guess
A soothing, aching torment
Or a somnolent caress

Little pieces of you touch me
For no matter what I do
You are here in tender fragments
Those little pieces of you….

Janet Martin

When our friends moved they blessed us with boxes full of
Pieces of their life…
I was cleaning the stove and realized how often I think of them/ pray
Because of the little pieces they’ve left for us to touch.
Who knew a bottle of house-hold cleaner would be a prayer-reminder!
Collin, when you said ‘just take it’ you didn’t realize how often these gifts would remind me to pray! Jane, the food, the make-up, the bath products etc… your popcorn bowl!!
are little pieces of you!
Hope all is well.

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  1. And prayer is what we need as we miss, miss, miss our close, comfortable friends, go to interviews that seem in contrast to why we came, get a second medicine for a little ruptured eardrum but reach for the goal in front of us. God bless you, Janet, for your faithfulness to Him. I have been thinking of you too...


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