Friday, May 27, 2011

Not a Movie

I won’t cry
What good would it do?
Life is not a movie
I know it’s true
But I like happy endings
When the story is through
And all I can say for now is….
‘Take two’

I won’t cry
It’s not over yet
We’re somewhere in the middle
Of joy and regret
And nobody knows
Where the next scene will be
As I hear the Director saying
‘Take three’

I won’t cry
For what good are tears?
They cannot change one picture
Or bring back the years
We hoped would last forever
Now it cuts me to the core
As I hear a Voice saying,
‘Take four’

I won’t cry
We are not at The End
This is not good-by
Time is not foe or friend
I could use a scene
With a quiet country drive
And you next to me…
‘Take five’

Janet Martin

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