Saturday, May 7, 2011

Melody of Spring

Bough after bough bursts into bloom
Transforming the lands naked groans
Into a verdant living-room
As the green of a thousand tones
Melts over hillside and valley and dale
Singing in sonnets of mirth
Gone is the blast of winter’s gale
As springtime covers the earth

Leaf after leaf; unfurled miracle
Decking each stark outline
As a gown of breath-taking spectacle
Flows from the scraggly vine
Covering each shameless silhouette
In royal garments of green
Winter bows its sullen head
In the laughter and kiss of spring

Bud after bud, by an unseen command
Unfolds in a work of art
Stirred by the power of an unseen hand
Tender as the wee child’s heart
Wave after wave of emerald lay
Across earth’s chambers wing
Stealing away the brown and gray
In the melody of spring


The scene is green again!!!

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