Monday, May 9, 2011


I have stumbled over furrows
I have climbed the wooded slope
I have swept away my sorrows
On a hillside green with hope
In dew-spangled midnight whispers
I have treaded tranquil loam
But nothing in this world compares
To that of coming home

Here the arms of love embrace me
As I reach my cottage door
Suddenly the woes which face me
Seem much smaller than before

I have bowed ‘neath clouds of failure
Wept within a sullen storm
I have craved an hour of leisure
When my duties lose their charm
I have searched in futile longing
For a non-existent shore
Just to find that true belonging
Draws me to my cottage door

Here the lips of laughter greet me
As with thankfulness I come
To embrace the hands which meet me
In the arms of home sweet home

Father, bless this humble palace
Guard it with your grace and might
Keep it in this world, a solace
From life’s cold and thankless fight
Touch us with Your tender mercy
When from its small porch we roam
Bring us safely back together
To the arms of home sweet home

Someday, may it be oh Father
As You lift us from this shore
In Your home sweet home we’ll gather
Safe at last forevermore


1 comment:

  1. oh, Janet. I so want this one hanging on my wall in the entry of my home. You should put this on a plaque.

    this is absolutely beautiful!

    I read it a few more times. it's perfect!
    thank you thank you!


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