Monday, May 23, 2011


What a dark day it would it be
What a drab and doleful view
If what’s right in front of me
Were all that I could hold on to

I have found the lure of living
Not in foolish fantasy
But in meadows softly brimming
With great possibility

The little moments filled with yearning
In my sudden reverie
Cannot quench the deeper burning
Of life’s possibility

Is there a lasting satisfaction
In life’s taunting destinies
Or is happiness the attraction
Of life’s possibilities?

Life is like a field of flowers
Stretching to the cloudy sea
We pass through fair, budding hours
Filled with possibility

Countless as the blooms that nod
Moments drift to history
Each one is a gift from God
Filled with possibility

I have found the lure of living
Not in all the things I see
But within the quiet grinning
Of life’s possibility


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