Friday, May 13, 2011

Dependable You

Ah, what will stir my muse today?
I scan the low-flung cloud
Covering the earth with gray
An uninspiring shroud

I pause beside forget-me-not
They do not notice me
Could it be that they forgot
That they’ve forgotten me?

The tulip and the daffodil
Seem empty without sun
I wander up the emerald hill
To sit upon its throne

Out across the restless land
The breezes swirl and dance
I try to catch them in my hand
They move without a glance

Then, with my heart and soul wind-blown
Something stirs in me
Darling, you never let me down
My thoughts run wild and free



  1. Such a whimsical poem!!! Hope you had a good week and your tiller worked!!!!:)

  2. My tiller worked like it hasn't worked in YEARS!!! Life is good;)

  3. more they are all laughing at my 'farmers tan':)

  4. Ha HA I think I hear the beginning of a farmers tan looks lovely..... Glad about your tiller :)


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