Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dark Blue Poetry

Speak to me in whispers of twilight
Draw over me your downy, blue quilt
In muffled tones snuff out the daylight
As across the heavens the stars are spilt
Darling, read the night-time with me
In quiet, wordless poetry

A minute ago the sky was an ocean
Flowing with crimson, chartreuse and gold
Now it rolls over us in slow-motion
Darling, its passion is both timid and bold
We sit on the edge of its deep blue sea
Listening to wordless poetry

Far beyond another day shimmers
Waiting to spill from the eastern brim
In your tone a tender love glimmers
We look to the sky-line, hazy and dim
There is no better place to be
As the night enfolds us in blue poetry


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