Monday, May 2, 2011


Run your whispers down my spine
Take me one bloom at a time
Sweep afar earth’s tepid crust
As you stir the dormant dust
Kiss each hill-side, field and limb
With the gentle breath of spring

Feel earth’s passion rise to greet
Anthems of a warm retreat
Fling wide the shutters and the doors
It’s not winter anymore
Upon the tender grasses fling
The soft and gentle breath of spring

Speak to me in pinks and blues
And violet-laden avenues
Tear the coldness from my breast
With your lilac-scented kiss
Lavish me with softer things
Like the gentle breath of spring

Brush the storm cloud from the sky
Wake the slumbering butter-fly
Spread your verdant evergreen
Out across this pining scene
I can hear the willow sing
In the gentle breath of spring


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