Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Beauty of the Lord

I know the beauty of our Lord
By all His wondrous works out-poured
The intricate and rare design
Of blue-bell, rose and columbine
The leaf that bursts from wooded bud
The shower that spawns an emerald flood
As out across each hill and plain
The muddy dross is green again
The bird returning to its nest
No map to point it east or west
The earth no more a dormant plot
As daisy and for-get-not
Clothe the wood-lot and the dell
Where yesterday the snowflakes fell
As hope and flower blooms anew
In spring-time’s sun-kissed avenue
I know the beauty of the Lord
As seed springs from a soil restored
Where thankful gardeners hug the sod
And the handiwork of God


This was inspired by starting the lawn-mower.
It is now officially spring!
We are still waiting for
The ‘roses, blue-bells, columbines’
But the first almost full day of sun after two weeks of
Rain and cloud causes one to reflect on the beauty of spring…
…even if it is still FREEZING!

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