Friday, May 20, 2011

About Love

Without respect it is impossible to love
One without the other will never be enough

Love will grow if properly nourished
Left alone it cannot flourish

It is better to keep love alive
Than try to revive it after it has died

Love loves beyond all reason or measure
It is a sacrificial and selfless treasure

Love is not hindered by barriers or oceans
It does not depend on feelings or emotions

It is impossible to keep love hidden
Stronger than steel and soft as a kitten

Love is for both the wise and the fool
Love does not condemn or ridicule

Love is unchanged whether in darkness or light
Love remains the same for it has nothing to hide

Love is neither obsession nor possession…
Love is hope, love is compassion

Love is taught not by word but action
It is more than a quick and passing attraction

Love cannot be bought with gold or silver
Love costs time; time invested in each other

…and now abides these three, faith, hope, love
And the greatest of these is love


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