Friday, November 12, 2010


They called her four-eyes and tore two from her face
They stomped on them, kicked her and called her foul names
And each Sunday morning at Sunday School
They would be taught the golden rule…………
But the next day was Monday….and school

They called her a geek, clumsy and fat
Yanked at her braids and tugged at her hat
She sat beside one of them at church yesterday
Her mother asked if she would invite her to play
But she didn’t know about school………or Monday

She thought maybe war was a playground at school
No place to hide, no golden rule
Did battlefields have desks to take refuge in
Where they could talk to God and feel safe again
Cause bullies didn’t touch you in class….. BIG CHICKENS

Hurt feels the same whether you’re fat or thin
So do foul names, no matter what shade is your skin
Tears fall the same way no matter where you are from
Nobody wants to be called stupid or dumb….or worse
Everyone needs to be loved by someone


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