Friday, November 5, 2010

Twelve Year Old Boy....or Mother's Prayer

Oh God, I stand gazing with affection and joy
At this little man-child, this twelve year old boy
His dreams are so noble, his passion unmarred
His vision untainted and his logic unscarred
His laughter is pure, and so is his mind
His worries are few and his heart is kind
His motives are humble and his slumber so sound
His faith is so simple yet deeply profound
Oh God, place your hand o’er him; for he stands at the door
Where soon he won’t be a child anymore
And he must decide which road he will choose
Which hand to accept and which one to refuse
Oh God, surround him with his mother’s prayers
There are so many pitfalls and so many snares……
Help him to do the best that he can
Keep Your hand on him as he becomes a man

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I have this thought with every one of our children…
Twelve is a great age!.....old enough to have an opinion……
But mom might still know a teeny tiny bit………

Tonight I stood for a moment and watched him while he slept….
…..and wondered what kind of man he will be……

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