Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Trouble makes us sigh and fret
Trouble makes us hang our head
It can fill our hearts with grief
It will test our true belief
We can’t live inside a bubble
In this life there will be trouble

Trouble makes us moan and sigh
Bringing teardrops to our eye
It turns raven locks to gray
Steals the mirth of youth away
But Eve could not resist the apple
Hence, God said, there would be trouble

Trouble makes us weak or strong
Helps us seek the right or wrong
It seems to respect no one
Or serves us in equal portions
Some get less and some get double
Of this little thing called trouble

Trouble will not be in vain
All its sorrow, all its pain
How sad if we should leave this earth
Unaware of trouble’s worth
How sad if we should leave this sod
Never having needed God


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