Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Little Thing Called Love.....

It’s not by what we do or say
That we love or take it away
Things leave things for which we yearn
Love asks nothing in return
Love; I cannot quite explain
It’s tender pleasure, searing pain
And no one ever gets enough
Of this little thing called love

Love can please us and fulfill
It can tease us, it can thrill
It can break a heart in two
Like no other thing can do
It’s the one thing we all need
Things are merely quests of greed
And yet we cannot get enough
Of this little thing called love

Whether you are near to me
Or far across a rolling sea
Love is not a thing constrained
It can reach you just the same
Love, you make us laugh and weep
Useless as a thing to keep
And yet we cannot give enough
Of this little thing called love

It makes us want to live, to fly
But for it we too would die
It will nurture, it will heal
And yet it is the pain we feel
It is the sunshine in our sky
Yet it's the teardrop in our eye
Fulfilling yet never enough
It's a little thing called love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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