Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Things Never Change......

It’s been said of this old life
That nothing stays the same
And that the only constant
Thing in this life is change
But now that I am older
I would like to make this claim
As much as things are changing
Some things still stay the same

A dollar makes a young lad grin
And boys will still be boys
Full of mischief, life and vim
Energy and noise
Heaven still sends angels down
Wrapped up in little girls
Wisdom is our greatest crown
Above rubies and pearls

A baby is still innocence
Pure and undefiled
And there is nothing on this earth
As precious as a child
A mother in the kitchen
Is considered old-fashioned
But a home-cooked meal for dinner
Is still loved by everyone

A broken heart still hurts the same
As it did years ago
We still make dirt regardless of
The latest cool gizmo
Love is still the dearest thing
That everybody needs
Words can heal or injure
And our actions still plant seeds

Hand-written letters are still the best
And can be tucked into a pocket
You cannot smell an e-mail
Or put it in a locket
A sunset is still beautiful
As is a sudden smile
We long for our loved ones
We have not seen in a while

Constant is this thing called ‘change’
It changes oh, so much
Yet there’s a myriad of things
That change can never touch
God’s love is still unending
His gift of grace is free
And nothing changes one great truth
After life… eternity

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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