Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Picture......

There’s a picture of her baby
On the refrigerator door
She hasn’t seen him since the day
That he went off to war
But as she softly gazes
At his youthful, noble face
She knows her prayers will touch him
In that distant, foreign place

She can’t help but over-hear remarks
About freedom and war
She wonders if we understand
Do we care anymore?
And she prays for all the moms and dads
The precious sons and daughters
Who left the comforts that they had
To sail across the waters

She prays that God will care for them
And then she prays for peace
Without more love for fellow-men
There will be no release……..
She pleads with God to bring an end
To this earth’s cruel war
As she gazes at the picture
On the refrigerator door

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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