Monday, November 15, 2010


Like that time you stubbed your toe
Or missed the wood when you swung the axe
And you groaned and moaned ‘cause it really hurt
But life is just like that
Remember that face plant into the dirt
When you slid into second base
Those first few moments; how they stung and hurt
As you wiped unbidden tears from your face
But life is just like that
Remember the satisfaction and pride
The elation and joy of success
How the excitement bubbled from deep inside
In a well-spring of happiness
And delightful pleasure of saying thank-you
For the compliments and praise
As a sense of deliverance rolled over you
In a sweet, satisfying haze
But that was yesterday, before the dismay
Of chapters two and three
As you realize the fleeting prize
Of momentary security
Momentary pleasure, momentary pain
Earthly treasure is stored in vain
Momentary victory, momentary defeat
Momentary shadows or sunny retreat
Life is just like that........
A sequence of momentary things
Lest we forget, we will never be kings
So we dare not scoff at the one in the dirt
Or brush off another’s misfortune or hurt
We all are simply fellow-men
Part of a much, much greater plan
Than this life of momentary mystery
Tomorrow today will be history
Its moments, but steppingstones in a sea
Leading to the brink of eternity

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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