Thursday, November 11, 2010

Invisible Battlefield

There’s a war that rages daily
With many a battle fought
And it seems that no one really
Understands the foe named ‘thought’
He seems so small and passive
Sometimes he’s good and kind
But his evil can be massive
As war wages in our mind

It’s an invisible battlefield
No allies at our side
As the foe its power wields
We cannot run and hide
But we have a Great Captain
And He alone can see
Each battle and each out-come
Defeat or victory

It’s an invisible battlefield
But we have God’s true Word
We have faith’s invisible shield
We have the Spirit’s sword
The demons, darkness, evil forces
Strive to take control
But they cannot alter courses
With the One who saves our soul

It’s an invisible battlefield
No one to cheer with glee
As evil thoughts and armies yield
To inner victories
For many a tear-stained battle
Upon these plains are fought
With many a plea and many a prayer
Prayed for this foe named ‘thought’

Someday beyond these borders
This battle will be done
As God our foot-steps orders
We’ll fight them one by one
With Him, the foe we’ll conquer
He is a faithful shield
For He is Lord and Master
Of our invisible battlefield

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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