Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom

How do I find the perfect words
To convey my thoughts
How do I thank a mother
For all the things she’s taught?
I gaze in thoughtful wonder
To distant stars above
And realize that mother
Is another word for love

To tell the fullness of her worth
Is like counting every star
For what is warmer than the hearth
Where loving mothers are?
The greatest treasure of this land
Does not fill jeweled vaults
But lies within a mother’s hand
As she her God she exalts

How do I tell you, mother
Of my deepest love for you
On earth there is no other
That can fill the spot you do
There are no words to tell you
But I thank my God above
As I realize that mother
Is another word for love

With love for my mother,
Happy 68th Birthday!


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