Thursday, November 4, 2010

Far Too Soon......

Far too soon the lily sleeps
Beneath a coat of frost
Far too soon the red limb weeps
As its grand robe is lost
Far too soon the shadow lies
Across a tempered lawn
And far too soon the warm breeze dies
Within an autumn dawn

Far too soon the autumn glow
Must yield to winter’s shroud
Far too soon the north winds blow
From darkened, bullying cloud
But just as summertime and fall
Must yield to winter’s chill
Far too soon the robins call
As spring peeks o’er the hill

Far too soon the seasons come
And far too soon they rest
Far too soon my little home
Will be an empty nest
Far too soon the green and gold
Lay withered on the grass
Far too soon we’re getting old
As fleeting seasons pass

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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