Wednesday, May 15, 2024

A Prayer (because perspective can easily run askew)

Delighting in these double tulips!

The Creator of heaven and earth and the Saviour of the soul;
This is our Heavenly Father who cherishes our prayers and
 desires us to put our faith in Him!

Today's poem-prayer was inspired in part by the verse below

Acts 28:24
And some were persuaded by the things which were spoken, 
and some disbelieved...

Dear Lord, bid I commit to walk by faith and not by sight
Dear Lord, confound my idle talk with holy appetite
And give me ears to hear and eyes to see, lest deaf and blind
To sacred things regarding Thee, I look but cannot find

Lord, where deception’s vice is sweet, keep me from falling prey
Thy Word, a Lamp unto my feet, a Light to show the way
A safeguard in a world of choice where temptations implore
Tune me to hear Thy still small voice and love Thee all the more

Lord, you know the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
Lord, make belief more than a thrilling piety I speak
More than a nod that You exist, Let Thy salvation be
My joy complete, through the gift that through your death, pardoned me

Lord, when this world, because of sin, seems more than love can bear
Delight me with Your peace within, cheer me through ceaseless prayer
And keep my eyes fixed on a Prize beyond Time’s troubled toll
Feed me with bread that satisfies the hunger of my soul

Dear Lord, in You alone, trust’s confidence will never fail
You are the Cornerstone against which hell cannot prevail
Earth's sorrows that must be are never greater than Your grace
The triumph of the cross of Calvary none can erase

Dear Lord, hear my heart’s cry for hearts still hardened, dark and lost
Forgive my unbelief when I am fearful of faith’s cost
Deliver me from evil, Lord, as Your love runs me through
With gratitude humbly outpoured in love right back to You

In your Name I pray,

© Janet Martin

It's been a while since I shared this song...

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