Saturday, March 25, 2023

Divine Intervention

The Creator of all we marvel at is our Divine Intervener/Interceder! Hallelujah!

And bind my mind and spirit in chains where doubt and fear rue
And leave me floundering in bogs of misery, guilt-wrought
But for the lifeline of God’s promises, faithful and true (Heb.10:23)

To whisper to the storm-tossed bark, ‘Fear not, for it is I’ (John 6:20,Matt.14:27)

His plan for man’s salvation, (Matt.1:21) for repentance (Mark 1:15) and rebirth  (John3:3)

His prophecy, to conquer death and hell; His victory
Has overthrown the grave because He braved His Father’s will (Luke 22:42)

His all-sufficient grace (2Cor.12:9) to help us to trust and obey (Prov.3:5-6)
His Mighty Hand pierced through with nails; by His wounds we are healed  (Isa.53:5)

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