Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Perfect Want...

With always lots to tend to in an ever-aging body and mind
 it sometimes leaves this poet’s heart a little frayed with want
for an art that here and there needs more than a haphazard or hurried splash.
I just finished reading the book Becoming Mrs. Lewis.
I love books about people who understand the ‘need’ to write;
how this hunger howls for release and even writing does not always fill it
because so little of what we write seems to come out exactly like we wish!
Still, to everything there is a time and a season
and I want to want to honour the Giver in each season.
 He knows the heart of every single one of us and
He grants grace to proceed and succeed to everyone who asks.

Let our goal then be to seek God first to glorify
for what we seek to please our self will never satisfy 

One of last week's devotions has stayed stuck, hopefully not just in my head...

I never want to live as if I was the first in line
But rather, blend into the place God willed in His design
That always bids us look to interests of fellowman
And love each other humbly, holy ev’ry way we can

I never want to hunger for some self-indulgent Then
But learn to live like Jesus did when He walked among men
The King of kings took on himself the form of servant meek
And taught us with more than mere words to turn the other cheek

I never want to worship ‘the created’ rather than
The One by whom all things were made according to His plan
Thus in this little time I have before death plays its part
Lord, let me want the beauty of a truly tender heart

© Janet Martin

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