Sunday, January 27, 2019

Here's Hoping!

 Last night Jim said (while we were watching the All-star Game being played in San Jose, 
while adding logs to the fire to ward of the deep chill from the north)
that he wishes we could move to San Jose and leave this bitter cold behind for good.
 I replied if he moves that would be very sad indeed because
 I am so glad to live in a climate that grants four true seasons, 
so he would be moving all by himself.😀

(no more just chillin' side-by side like two old love-birds)

Then Judy's post this morning added perfect YES-seasoning to
some tids and bits simmering in my poem-pot...
Here's hoping we love each season for what it lends,
because everything in life is but a season!

Here’s hoping we learn to accept what life sends
And love every season for beauty it lends
And never let longing give leave to destroy
With want’s inward pining, today’s would-be joy

Here’s hoping the orchard in winter’s white tress
Rings with sparkling echoes of spent happiness
While wild, the wind whistles up one street then down
Where trees like stark thistles shape harvest’s ghost-town

Here’s hoping we treasure Time’s measure of sand
Aware that whatever we hold in our hand
Is but for a season, like the flowers that bloom
While we cherish, not worship, what none can exhume

Spring; heaven for dreamers with restless bare feet
Summer; like a song of long days, toil sun-sweet
Autumn; awed awareness of Time tender truce
Winter; slows the dreamer once young and footloose

Here’s hoping we learn to let go when we must
To live for far more than Time’s loaned dust-to-dust
To look for the good in each day that God sends
And love every season for Beauty it lends

© Janet Martin

 To every thing there is a season, 
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

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