Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Of Present Push and Pull

It grants us dances, thwarts our steps
It lets us leap and fall
A labyrinth of dreams and debts
And wonders big and small

Laughter and longing intermix
What seems a gathered sum
Is but a bitty bubble fixed
To what it will become

It bursts the bastioned bud with bloom
Bloom spills its beaming laud 
Threading the shuttle of a loom
 Mastered by nature's God

Earth’s births are hinged to death, but wait
Farewell hails veiled advent
It forges from felled gold a gate
To seasons not yet spent

It never stays the same for long
This present push and pull
Composes stanzas in a song
We never hear in full

© Janet Martin


  1. “It never stays the same for long...”

    So true. Life is change. Often, for the better... :-)

    1. oh thank-you! What joy to leap from the springboard of an optimist!
      God bless you:)


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