Saturday, September 21, 2013


The countdown to wedding is now three weeks! Busy today making treats for their stag and doe tonight...

We touch life’s moments often without thought
Elusive countdown from unknown to known
This Intangible by which Time is wrought
Trickles to earth from Love’s merciful throne
Ethereal portions of grief and delight
Waking and sleeping they slip out of sight

Cosmic inception, its miniscule glance
Grazes our skin and dissolves in a sigh
Measureless moment, how blithely you dance
From fantasy to eternity’s sky
Flesh and blood fortune we never can see
Giving and taking in soft symmetry

Comfort and sorrow, how close they align
The course of moments cannot be reversed
By the same measure of laughter’s design
Blows the ill-wind oft lamented and cursed
Countdown of obscure velocity
Over Time’s landscape to eternity

© Janet Martin

The ‘hour-glass’ reminds me with each sparkle and lilt
How softly and gently a lifetime is spilt



  1. Weddings are wonderful. Crazy in the planning stages, but such happy moments and memories.



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