Saturday, December 14, 2019

Vapour Wrapping-Paper

Already today's wrapping has begun to fall away...
in wet, white flakes!

Psalm 36:7
How precious is Your loving devotion, O God, 
that the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.

Today, wrapped in fresh mercy metes its Unknown breath by breath
The wisp of yester-hopes-and-dreams is wrapped in Bygone’s breadth
The wonders of the world, soft-wrapped in morning’s misted gauze
In seasoned measure is unfurled before our rapt applause
Where whether we are wrapped in faith or fear as on we go
We all are wrapped in tender grace by He who loves us so

Longing, wrapped in the ache and pain of wanting what is not
Is wrapped up in the present loss and gain of what we’ve got
The hour, wrapped in moments sheds imminent mystery
The bloom wrapped in green casing waits until God sets its free
Where we are often wrapped up in what scope of sight unveils
Desire, wrapped in feeling often leaps then weeps and wails

Pity the one wrapped in Self-pity and its darkened gaze
Ah, we are all wrapped in the tender tangle of Time’s ways
Its breath-by-breath unfolding what is wrapped in common cares
Of dawn to dusk firm-molding what was wrapped in morning prayers
…or stares wrapped in the empty ache of Unbelief’s cold boast
Resisting to be wrapped in arms of He who loves us most

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, it is my dearest hope that you will gather some of your beautiful posts to one day create an anthology of your poetry. Your work blows me away every time I read a new piece. As much as I enjoy reading them here online, I'd be loving something that I hold in my hands with a pencil in hand to mark all my favourite lines and phrases -- it would be well marked.

    Of course I say that to say how much your poetry means to me, not to put any kind of 'pressure' about writing a book.

    Brenda xox

    1. Thank-you for your kindest of 'pressure'. truly appreciated... It makes the dream feel more possible! Here's to 2020, the year I begin to think seriously about a book/books. In the time it will take (which is quite a lot)to sort and select, I will trust God to provide the required funds! (which is also quite a lot:)<3


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