Friday, December 6, 2019

Precious, Ordinary Days...

 Often hubby asks when I call him at night
'what did you do today'
or he will call during the day and ask, 'what were you doing'
and my reply more often than not will be something like
'I was downstairs putting wood on the fire', or 'I am getting lunch for tot/tots
or I was upstairs putting laundry away, 
I was doing dishes, sweeping the floor, tidying up, cooking supper,
(well, you get the idea)
and often I marvel at how what sounds so mundane when spoken
can still steal one's breath so completely 
by the beauty of being able to do these things!
Oh, what a gift to be able to live precious, ordinary days! 
No matter how repetitive they feel,
like going round and round the yard while pulling a sled,
still no two rounds are ever exactly the same!

We were chuckling/puzzling at the haste with which Little Man devoured first course 
until we realized what was sitting next to him...
two cookies disappeared before we could say 'whoa!'

Ah, precious ordinary days
They weave their way through heart and soul
With footprints that no one can trace
Save on the air where echoes toll

Ah, precious ordinary days
They sweep through us with grin and groan
Then meld into a misty maze
Paved with a haze of precious stone

Ah, precious, ordinary days
They seem so common at first glance
But steal our breath with changeless ways
Of Time and its persistent stance

…a fine mingling of hope and dread
Runs through us as we sense time’s ways
Soft-tugging on the sacred thread
Of precious, ordinary days

© Janet Martin

Little Girl was kept quite busy trying to hold/protect her playthings 
from a rambunctious little boy😉 

 ...and then little Princess woke from her nap...

 Sometimes, in the morning when I sense an onslaught of sticki-mess and noise 
I pray something similar to Psalm 90:12
"teach me to cherish my days so I may gain a heart of patience and tenderness"

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