Thursday, December 26, 2019 pearls flung across fields of snow

 One daughter came home for what felt like far too little time together,
Another daughter is gone with her hubby and children to visit his family...
So these little smile-makers are making the other grandparent's Christmas super-special!

Hubby, because of the line of work he is in is 'on the road again'...
Makes 'missing you' feel like something to revere, doesn't it?
Having people we love so dearly it hurts but in a good way!

Missing you, sweet, sweet pangs of desire
Where having held grants a tender reply
Heart glowing with embers of a fire
Kindled before hello turned to good-bye

Missing you leaves an invisible lesion
Where letting go means that oh, once I held
Longing is sacred when love is the reason
Priceless the art where sweet and bitter meld

Missing you, but with the hope of tomorrow
Not with the sorrow that some must endure  
Darling, echoes are the sparkles I borrow
While I am waiting to hold you once more

Missing you makes moments worth their measure
Priceless as pearls flung across fields of snow
Where counting hours is like counting treasure
Arranging steppingstones back to hello

© Janet Martin

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