Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sweet Madness

 It seems it's always been like this; when life's must-do Marching Orders goes into over-drive 
so does the pl-e-ease-poem-me machine😝
 I snagged the draft of this one yesterday morning on the shoulder of the road while running errands!

One might think it sweet and easy
To endure a Poet’s heart
But the world can drive Her crazy
With its showcase full of art

One might think it pure procedure
To bleed words that others read
Or to buckle beneath whispers
Begging for ink-jot to breathe

Time weaves footprints hard to follow
Silence can be such a flirt
Hunger, like a heart-shaped hollow
Needing more than fine dessert

Fields may seem bean-leaf a-flutter
She sees yellow butterflies
Brooks never stream with just water
Beware of the night wind's sighs

Far more poetry than paper
Far more touch-and taste than Time
Far-off stares don’t show the caper
Of a Thought tangled in rhyme

One might think it mere mechanics
To arrange plain ABC’s
These semantics by romantics
Simply verse-formalities

One might think it nothing special
To be half-a-poem clad
But a world of poem-petals
Can drive poets sweetly mad

© Janet Martin

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