Friday, September 7, 2018

Age-old Hallelujah

It never fails...a bowl-lot 'o work means a whole lotta poem that's gotta get out😆!

Working at a poem I can use for a 55th Anniversary Celebration for my parents!
(Each family needs to bring something to share/read/perform)
I wasn't going to 'bore' them with a poem until one of my sister hinted
 'they're hoping for/counting on one, no pressure'
...that's all the permission I needed to pray for a poem! Thank-you, dear sis!
I really hope God gives me a special one for two of the most loved people in my life!

Oh, now that we are older how we cherish ever more
Life’s kind gift of each other like we never have before

And now that we are older we revere love’s sacred gift
Of circles still unbroken by death’s unrelenting rift

Yes, now that we are older we learn what we thought we knew
And shoulder loads a lot like our parents shouldered too

For now that we are older we feel time’s insistent tug
And sense the holy fellowship in a handshake or hug

We take far less for granted when it comes to love and life
Time grants no guarantee how long we’ll be husband or wife

And when we look behind us Time remind us of our place
So many people so much younger than us giving chase

Sometimes we feel a jig; dance young and frisky in our thought
But then a crick in neck-back-knees reminds us we are not

So we thank God instead for strength and grace to face today
For ‘spirit and truth worship’ to speak what words cannot say

We thank Him for each other and especially Mom and Dad
How He saw fit to bless you/us with these many years you’ve/we've had

For now that we are older we have come to realize
How love that stands the test of time is life’s most treasured prize

How everything we have and had is nothing we possessed
How mercy from a loving God makes possible the rest

Makes possible the un-tethering of olden heartstrings
And weathering the letting go that holding always brings

Yes, now that we are older and our age begins to show
We join the coin of ‘the older we get the less we know…

…and see and hear, my dear, but oh the more we think and pray
And find more to be thankful for with every passing day

And now that we are older how we cherish ever more
Our father and mother like we never have before

© Janet Martin

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