Monday, October 23, 2017

Where Majesty Prevails (what a Wonder-full way to start a new week!)

 The LORD'S lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, 
For His compassions never fail.
"The LORD is my portion," says my soul, 
"Therefore I have hope in Him."…

(sometimes it is highly-intimidating to try to put words after such Holy Works, but it is intended purely as out-pouring of praise to the Provider of Perfect Poetry)

Heaven is tossed with low barred clouds
They stretch like piers into a flaming sea
The hemming dark is lost; its shroud
Dissolves in redemption where Majesty
Shakes out the night with Evidence
Of Faithfulness. We bow beneath, agape
On shorelines of Deliverance
As Mercy metes morning in crimson cape

The Author of time’s ownership
Astounds, confounds us where the old is new
Though its newness is but a blip
Before it bears our marks of error too
God’s grace is like a galleon
Midst mayhem's gloom its mast, cross-shaped prevails
Through passageways, oft alien
Hope’s sorrow-scarred Battalion still sails

Heaven is absolved of starred sweep
Its fathoms leap, afire with molten mist
Above marauders of Love’s keep
God rends Time’s reserves, orange, amethyst
Pours from the place where grace commands
This granted glimpse of Heaven’s Greater Prize
It waits in mercy’s nail-scarred Hands
While we press to the Painter of the skies

© Janet Martin

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