Saturday, October 7, 2017

To Keepers of Home Sweet Home..

"What, no Thanksgiving Bake-Buffet??? but it's tradition"
said Victoria, after my suggestion of 'maybe not this year'
so I baked,
(if only to preserve a little sameness in life's constant change)

She tends the Flame, preserves a touch of sameness where Time’s tide
Is bent on change and the estrangements of its sultan stride
She keeps the kettle on, stirs supper-soup and hums a hymn
Turns on the lights of home sweet home when gloaming shadows dim

She guards the hearth where innocence of childhood days are doffed
Its laughter, sweet upon the lips spirals to echoes soft
As Time goes by she comes to learn how sacred-swift the role
Of discipline and cultivation of body-clothed soul

How small may seem the menial task that fills her résumé
And oft, when asked ‘what do you do?’ she knows not what to say
Strange how the mop-sweep-fold and keep of homespun commonness
Cannot convince the by-stander 'tis earthly heaven-ness

The plant and gather season is a smooth and subtle sweep
Baskets hold fruit and flowers; most of harvest rests heart-deep
She weeps for the full joy of it, oft caped in noise and mess
And treasures the kind measure of love’s humble happiness

She knows that she cannot afford to overlook her charge
Soon, far too soon young heads are turned by the wide world at large
And thus she bows her head, pleads for a Higher Hand to guide
As she tries to preserve a touch of sameness in time’s tide

© Janet Martin

This morning I am so thankful for what a good night's sleep bestows...
invigoration where weariness the night before felt eternal!


  1. Beautiful, Janet! Everything: the baked goodies, the way you set the table, the flower arrangements, the poem. You are so talented at what you do, and you do plenty, I'm always in awe. Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Hi Sasha, and thank-you. this poem is for everyone whether keepers of home of workers who are working so they can keep their home!
      I love tinkering, arranging and fussing with details when I can find time and fall is its own decorator, all one needs to do is pick and display!
      Thank-you again for your visit and kind words! We are almost ready for dinner(just waiting for the 'guests';-) and the best part, Melissa can stay til Monday!

    2. Yay! So happy Melissa can spend a full day at home with family.

    3. :) thank-you! It's been a while since she's been home for more than a few hours!

  2. Beautiful! I've been a baking/cooking machine too- 4 pumpkin and an apple pie and stuffing is ready- Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Isn't it fun?! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. Pumpkin pie!

    Oh, great, now I’m craving. :)

    1. :) here is my super-easy recipe; double it for 3 pies and you have one or two to keep and one or two to share!

      Homemade Pumpkin Pie

      1/2 cup br. sugar
      1/2 cup wh sugar
      1/2 teaspoon salt 9optional)
      1 teaspoon ginger
      1 teaspoon cinnamon
      1/4 teaspoon cloves
      11/2 cups pumpkin
      2 eggs well beaten
      1 cup milk or light cream
      mix dry ingredients. Add pumpkin, eggs and milk.
      Mix and pour into unbaked shall/shells
      Bake and 400/425F (depending on how hot your oven is) for 15 min.
      then reduce heat to 350 and bake another 30 min.
      Cool and serve.
      Best with fresh whipped cream:)

    2. oops sorry for the typos..didn't re-read before posting:)


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