Monday, October 30, 2017

This Flight of Night and Day...

from Here in the Real WorldChasin' that Neon Rainbow  etc,to this one, The Older I Get
Interesting how an artist's writing and song choices change with the years:)
The older we get the more, not less, we start thinking about what's ahead
and what's important!!

This flight that leads to heights unfathomed grants another rung
Our senses tuned more meekly to It than when we were young
Thought’s scope of bold imagination turns a keener ken
To hope and soul salvation and mortality of men

It is a holy-fear-riled Thing; this breath-by-breath approach
Toward the Lord, where severing of skin and soul encroach
…and there is no escaping what will come and never pass
Love’s ultimatum shaping so much more than days of grass

No, no, don’t turn your head away and say it isn’t so
Our personal appointment date with God, ah, who can know?!
Don’t turn your heart from Him yet somehow think it will be well
Or slap each other’s backs and laugh and say ‘see you in hell’

Love does not leave us grasping blindly at some shrine engraved
Look at the cross, repent, believe and cursed soul will be saved
How awful is the thought of death and then The Judgement Day
If Unbelief, with final breath let’s heaven slip away

This flight of night and day is like a staircase through the stars
But laid beneath man’s bumbling breach on cradle-to-grave bars
And only by the grace of He who suffered Calvary
Are we prepared to not run scared when Mercy’s face we see

Holy, holy, someday we all will see Him, Love Sublime
From Righteous Wrath of He who bled on their behalf and died

How is it hope and dread are so intricately entwined
Souls clothed in blips of dust-to-dust will soon leave earth behind
As daily grind, heave-ho, yes-no slips through an Awesome Door
This flight of night and day folded into Forevermore

© Janet Martin


  1. Thanks for sharing this tune, Janet! He is a great singer & the message of this one is so precious!

    1. Yes,thank-you Patricia... thanks to hubby and my sister for hearing it first and asking if I heard it! I have a bit of catching up to do as far as my music-loves go. So glad I didn't miss this one!


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