Monday, October 16, 2017

The Source That Lends The Force...

This morning I got two words typed before the phone rang and
the bustling day swept me into its Must-dust,
but what a beauty it was, even if it was well-chilled;-)
I'm not sure if this is where the poem was headed this morning, but its what it became tonight!

The Source that lends the force whereby the discourse of day dawns
Stuns sleepy-headed spectators with gold on sun-kissed slopes
Stirred shadows stretch like charcoal sketches on streets, fields and lawns
And earth is like a freeway brimming with fresh dreams and hopes

Good morning, hallelujah and the new today begins
Swept into the direction of its predecessors, oh
I wish it would not hurry so; I scarce can take it in
Before dusk’s farewell colors fringe its intangible flow

High noon tunes heaven with fathoms of blue; ah, who dares boast?
We are so small compared to all the Awesomeness we see
Where we are honored onlookers to heaven’s billowed host
And earth showcasing glimpses of Creator’s majesty

The Source that lends the force whereby day’s discourse yields its zest
 Is like a fount from whence God’s autographs of love abound
Stark shadows stretch to dark etched paintings sculpted on the west
And earth is like a cot with heaven tucked in all around

© Janet Martin

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