Friday, October 27, 2017


The path of the righteous is like the morning sun,
shining ever bright til the full light of day.

Glorious 'hellos' from the heavens this week!

Like a whisper in the welkin
Like a bow slid sweet and slow
On a violin of heavens
In a nocturne-crescendo
Like a giggle on the skyline
Like a candle in the dark
Like a light and shadow artist
Painting pictures on the park
Like a bud of rose unfolding
Into flower full of bloom
Like a blazoning of trumpet
Over earth’s mist-mantled room
After distant drum-roll prelude
On a deep, blue brooding stage
Like an opera-singer reaching
For the last note on the page
Like the apron of a matron
With a pocket spilling gold
Like the laughter from a heaven
That should be wrinkled and old
Like a medal for the runner
In the middle of a race
Like a kiss to seal God’s order
To extend love’s day of grace
Like a grand band euphonious
Like a royal wedding march
Like a hallelujah chorus
In a glorious vaulted arch
Like a masterpiece arrangement
On a coral music sheet
Like top-dollar entertainment
To a world-wide front-row seat
Charging nothing for the wonder
Of hope’s color-splendored Prize
Like pink cotton-candy thunder
Is the waking of the skies

© Janet Martin

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