Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sugar-drops...and Happy Birthday, Sasha

Happy Birthday, Sasha!
 Wow, has it been a year since this post?!!
Thank-you for sharing a love for all things garden and poem, and
Thank-you as always for countless words of encouragement, appreciation and understanding!
Prayers for God to bless and keep you and yours in the year ahead.
Birthday hugs and best wishes from your Canuck Garden/Poet Friend, Janet

Bittersweet, the 'dismantling'  of the flower garden yesterday 
because I needed to salvage the dahlia-bulbs while they were still dry!
 Today's rainy morning aftermath...
But we attempt to catch gardens in bowls...
...and soon we will catch what is in the bowl to patch a hole in some heart-art...
Everything is but a season

Like drips of ice-cream from a cone
We lick Time’s sugar-drops; they melt
Summer-swift sweetness, here then gone
Save for the happiness we felt

Like flower-hour’s paradise
With hungry eyes we linger where
We know its petal-show soon lies
Midst sighs of how happy we were

Like snowflakes caught upon the tongue
Time’s easy-come-and-go dissolves
White whispers, once wishful and young
Fall prey to Fore-fathered resolves

And we are where we are Today
But not for long, this sparkle-splash
Teaches us to prize each hooray
Before full color turns to ash

Look, where we are will soon be like
Summer time in a picture-book
Where on some winter-whispery night
We’ll turn fond pages back to look pictures of right where we are
And we’ll recall how blessed we felt
With glints of goodness from a jar
That taste like sugar-drops, then melt…

© Janet Martin


  1. Thank you, Janet, so SWEET of you :)
    Thank you for your friendship and poetry.

  2. So beautiful. If you have bulbs to share I'd love to plant dahlia again.. Lucy~

    1. lots of bulbs...over a bushel of the red and the white with purple stripe so come spring I'll give you a shout.

  3. Oh, that walkway with the flowers!

    1. thank-you...I always go through a little season of mourning when the flowers disappear!


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