Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rainy Fall-morn Rumination

Ah, weight of woe and wonder
Thy retribution tests
The heart of hearts with plunder
Of uninvited guests
Where loneliness and laughter
Fashions a nagging knot
From fronds of echoed After
Entwined through present thought

Ah, crux of joy and sorrow
Pain, pleasure juxtaposed
Where hope and hunger war, oh
In battles unexposed
Faith and fear, feuding rivals
Courage and cowardice
Spar in heart-harbored duels
With God as sole witness

Ah, leap of love and longing
Cradle to grave emprise
Where have and hold, my darling
Is letting go’s disguise
Soft, soft summer-dust settles
In harvest bitter-sweet
Like pretty flower-petals
Scattered beneath our feet

Fall takes its leave in leaf-song
Relinquished note by note
It turns the tide of seasons
To lumps lodged in the throat
 Where Ever-after etches
Its essence, gray and gold  
To galleries of sketches
That heart alone can hold

© Janet Martin

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