Monday, October 2, 2017

Open Your Eyes and Say A-a-ah! and Happy October!

Ah, diamond studded break of day
You dazzle Duty’s meet and greet
With silver gem, your diadem
A thoroughfare beneath our feet

Ah, autumn-offered opulence
Your coffers overflow with gold
To common kings your Artist flings
Master-pieced Marvels to behold

Ah, flower-frazzled faith and hope
Holy, holy this holey clime
Ah, wonder-world of a-a-ah/awe unfurled
In mercy-metered pantomime

Ah, breath of beauty, death of rose
Chariot of fired scarlet-bronze
You whisk to naught the garden plot
Leaving a wake of frost-straked fronds

Ah, girth of earthy miracle
The seed bleeds back from whence it came
Ah, diligence of Providence
He tends offspring of Eden’s shame

Ah, nature’s flawless farewell flares
The air a leaf-anointed fount
While mere man gapes at fall’s land-capes
With a-a-ahs too copious to count

© Janet Martin

first ground-frost of the season yesterday morning!

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