Saturday, October 28, 2017

Of Waning Leaf-applause

Sharing a few awesome autumn masterpieces captured
as I shuttle Daughter from music-lesson to driving-lesson to friend's house etc.
It's like driving through an art-gallery! 
Yes, even in the rain:)

The yard, a cardamom leaf-pond
The air a shawl of tears
The heart, awash with here and gone
Like ocean-pummeled piers

The salt of sorrow seasons joy
How bittersweet its taste
Where yester-hour’s girl and boy
Shoulders vectors of haste

The green that sprouted summer’s whoop
Is sere and silent now
Save for the wind that strums the stoop
That missed the mill somehow

The garden is asleep yet leaps
With blooms of yesterday
Where furrows fold but cannot keep
An echo-world at bay

The rawness of fall’s fond caress
Stirs Something stark and sure
Its surge of love and loneliness
Merges loss and allure

…where we are always on the verge
Of what will be, what was
Encapsulated in a splurge
Of waning leaf-applause

© Janet Martin

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