Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Of Present Push and Pull #2

We are thankful
Life’s push and pull
Poised upon perhaps
Keeps us guessing
At the next thing
Pressed into our laps

It might be sweet
And kitten-soft
We'll pet its purring mew  
Until it scratches,
Bites and claws
Then we'll want something new

And we'll be glad
That what we had
Wore out its welcome, oh
And broke the ice
For something nice
-er, at least we hope so

Sometimes the tears
For far-fled years
Blind us to Here and Now
Until we see
How swift the plea
Of season stills the plow

Forbid we miss
The full of This
Arabesque, shimmer-kissed
Where present push and pull
Soon lulls
And new push-pulls insist

This montage of
The laws of love
Oft leaves us awed and vexed
Caught in between
All that has been
And what will happen next

© Janet Martin

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